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RSVP App For Events

RSVP App for Events

Hoozin RSVP app for events is the ideal solution to manage RSVPs. It enables event planners to quickly and easily keep track of guests’ RSVP status and contact information. Get started today and make RSVP management a breeze! 


- Automated notifications - The RSVP app allows you to send automated notifications as reminders or updates leading up to the event, so your guests are always in the loop. 


- Mobile check-in - Check in attendees on your mobile device during the event, making the process quick and easy. 


- Attendance tracking - Track attendance data after the event is finished to measure success and gather insights. 


-Up-Front payment - You can even require up-front payment to RSVP for paid events and never worry about hounding friends for money for tickets again!


With Hoozin RSVP app for events you can have RSVPs managed in no time. Download the app today, create an account, invite guests and let Hoozin’s RSVP app for events take it from there!

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