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Affinity And Social Group Activities App

Make Planning Easier with Hoozin’s Affinity and Social Group Activities App

Are you planning an event or a social group activity, and are looking for a way to organize your meetup easier and more efficiently?  If so, try out the Hoozin app.  This affinity and social group activities app makes it easier to plan, coordinate, and manage all of your upcoming events.


With Hoozin, you can create a personalized event page, add members to the invite list, mark their attendance status (yes/no), and  share key information about the event with everyone. As the organizer, you will also be able to track who is attending and ensure that all necessary preparation has been done ahead of time.


Plus there’s no more worrying about collecting payments or having to manually issue tickets – Hoozin has got you covered there too. The app also effortlessly helps with payment collection.  If there is a fee associated with the event, members can easily pay their share of dues through Hoozin’s group payments feature. 


Next time you plan a gathering or event for your social group, consider using the Hoozin app. This affinity and social activities application is designed to help make planning and organizing any kind of social activity simpler and more efficient than ever. It’s the perfect way to make sure your group event runs smoothly every time!

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