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Hoozin is a FOMO-powered all-in-one group event app. It is the easiest and fastest way to create events and guest lists, send invites and manage RSVPs, chat with guests and even collect money for paid events as part of the RSVP process - all in one app!

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About Hoozin

Hoozin is the all-in-one group event app, centralizing your event planning process and eliminating the need for multiple apps. It's the one place to create, share, and coordinate your events.

Personal and Professional Ticket Sharing & Reselling

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast with season tickets that sometimes go unused or a professional seeking to share tickets with business contacts, Hoozin is the tool for you:

Effortless Sharing

Share or resell tickets within your network with a few simple taps.

Integrated Payments

Skip the follow-up. With Hoozin’s integrated PayPal feature, payments are received instantly and securely when tickets are claimed.

Fair and Transparent

Hoozin’s equal-opportunity, first-come, first-served RSVP features ensure everyone in your network has a fair shot at claiming tickets.

Reduced Fees

Hoozin enables you to resell your event tickets within your personal network, all while enjoying significantly lower fees than other ticket resale platforms.​

Bruno Mars Concert Ticket

Amateur Club Sports Coordination

Whether you play Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Pickleball, Volleyball, Softball or any other sport, Hoozin simplifies the event coordination process and makes life easier for team managers:

Easy Participant Coordination

Lock in your team participants quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for endless back-and-forths.

Smooth Payment Collection

Collect participation fees directly through the app, no more chasing after payments.

Club Sports including Pickleball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Golf, Volleyball and Tennis

Effortless Payment Collection

With in-app payment collection, you won’t have to chase people down for payments after the event.

Quick RSVPs & Guest List Creation

Our FOMO-driven RSVP notification system encourages fast responses, and simplifies RSVP tracking.

Planning school outings, scout meetups, college events, or any social group activities like birthday parties, BBQs, and movie nights with friends? HOOZIN is here to streamline the process:

Affinity and Social Group Activities

Group Event Invitations

How the Hoozin App Works

Step 1

Download the App and Create an Account

Free and available for Android and iOS. You just need a mobile number to get started. If you are creating or attending paid events, you'll need a PayPal account. 

iOS 6.5 Inch

Step 2

Create Your Event

Create your event, add the details such as # of guest spots, notifications, and payment amount (if applicable).

Step 3

Set the Guest List

Add individuals or groups to your event so Hoozin can send out the invites via SMS and in-app notification. Invitees can RSVP via SMS or in the app.

iOS 6.5 Inch
Hoozin event details

Step 4

Hoozin manages the rest!

We take it from there by launching the invites, tracking the RSVPs, and keeping everyone updated regarding attendance and available spots remaining in real-time.

Each event has its own chat thread so organizers and guests can stay in touch.


And for paid events, we provide integrated payments via PayPal so guests pay up front and you never have to chase people down to get paid back for your events again!

  • Can event organizers add invitees to an existing event?
    1. For free and paid events when you have not invited anyone yet: a) Yes: on the bottom of the event details screen, tap the "Add Invitees" button b) Yes: on the edit event screen, tap the pencil icon at top right 2. For free events when you have invited guests whether they have accepted or remain undecided: a) Yes: on the edit event screen, tap the pencil icon at top right 3. For paid events when you have invited guests and at least one of them has accepted: a) No, not in the current version of the app as of February 19, 2022, but we will including this functionality in an upcoming version of the app.
  • What devices does HOOZIN work on?
    Hoozin has been tested to work on: > iOS: iPhone 8 and newer > Android: Pixel 6 and newer If you are having difficulty running the app on your phone, please let us know at and we'll look into it!
  • Do I need to let HOOZIN import my phone's contacts?
    No, you can use the HOOZIN app even if you choose not to import your contacts. However, if you don't import your contacts you will have to manually recreate any contact you wish to invite to an event. Also, we won't spam your contacts and we don't sell or share your data with any third parties.
  • I imported my contacts into the HOOZIN app but they don't all show up. Why?
    HOOZIN depends on SMS messaging to invite new users and send text notifications. If you know you have a contact in your phone contacts but it doesn't show up in HOOZIN, please confirm that contact's mobile number is correctly listed in the contact record as "mobile" or "iPhone". If the phone number is not listed correctly in the contact record, HOOZIN will not import the contact record.
  • Why does HOOZIN request access to my calendar?
    When an event organizer creates an event, or an invitee accepts an invitation to an event, HOOZIN adds the event to your device's default calendar if you give the app permission. If you want to change which calendar HOOZIN has access to, you can change that on the app settings screen.
  • Why do I have to connect my PayPal account to organize or attend paid events?
    PayPal is the largest global payments facilitator, and offers HOOZIN the easiest, most secure method to enable event organizers to collect money for paid events. As of 2022, PayPal operates in 202 markets and has 426 million active, registered accounts. PayPal allows customers to send, receive, and hold funds in 25 currencies worldwide. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, setting one up is free, secure and quick. Check it out here:
  • What fees does HOOZIN charge for paid events?
    For events with a guest fee of $20 or more, HOOZIN adds a 10% fee to the amount entered by the event organizer. This fee covers the fees that we pay to PayPal and our operating costs. HOOZIN charges a minimum $1 fee per transaction, so for guest fee's under $20, the % that HOOZIN adds to the amount entered by the event organizer is higher.
  • How does the HOOZIN Ambassador Program work?
    HOOZIN Ambassador Program What is it? The HOOZIN Ambassador Program is a 2-tier commission-based referral system designed to reward organizations with large memberships and individuals with extensive networks, including influencers and celebrities. How does it work? Tier 1 (Primary Referrals): Share your unique ambassador code with your network. For every individual who organizes or attends a paid event after joining Hoozin with your code, you earn a commission. Tier 2 (Secondary Referrals): If the individuals you referred also refer others, you earn a smaller commission on those secondary sign-ups. Who can participate? Any individual, influencer, celebrity, or organization request to join the program to earn commissions. Why become an Ambassador? Organizations: Encourage your members to participate in events and earn commissions for your group. Even non-group related paid events will generate revenue for your group. Influencers/Celebrities: Utilize your vast network to earn commissions on paid events through referrals. How to become an Ambassador? Fill out the contact form on the HOOZIN home page, or send an email to and we'll get back to you to start the discussion and provide additional details.
  • What if I still have questions?
    If you have questions, we have answers! Email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Influencers

  • Charitable Organizations

  • Sports Leagues & Teams

  • Fraternities & Sororities

Hoozin is the only event app that shares revenue from paid events with its users!


Earn by referring the app to your friends and followers. For more details, reach out via our contact form below.

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